Natchez, Mississippi

Natchez, Mississippi

Day three and four were mostly spent in the car. We drove out of New Orleans, down the bayou (singing the song from Princess and the Frog the entire time), across the Mississippi River (multiple times) all the way to Natchez, Mississippi. Over all it was kind of a throw away day, but we did have a really yummy dinner in an area of the city called Under the Hill, right on the Mississippi River. The restaurant is called The Camp, they offer traditional American cuisine of hamburgers, the southern delicacy fried pickles, and 18 different beers on tap, a number of which are brewed in Natchez.


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The next morning, we drove around Natchez a bit, saw the city decorated head to toe for Christmas, and then started the long drive back down to NOLA.

On the way we stopped at the Rosedown plantation, which used to be a cotton plantation back in the 1800s.

We toured the plantation house and learned all about the family that built and lived in the plantation, and all the modern amenities the house had, like closets or indoor showers. Then we walked the gardens before having lunch on the grounds and getting back on the road to Baton Rouge for a Christmas eve tradition.

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