Hermit Falls: Hiking in Los Angeles

Hermit Falls: Hiking in Los Angeles

Hermit Falls is a popular hiking trail located in the Angeles National Forest. Its a 3 mile round trip hike, with about 800 ft elevation difference between the trail head and the destination. There are many trails to choose from in this area that range in difficulty, so there will be a trail everyone can enjoy, regardless of hiking experience. My friends and I got to go exploring this trail over the weekend, and it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours in nature.

This trail is interesting because it starts with a pretty intense downhill, and then flattens out once you get to the bottom of the canyon. From there you are hiking along the river, and over the man made dams. You can see a lot of cabins dotting the trail, and there may even be a few people on their porch enjoying the fresh air.

Hermit Falls

The water fall at the end was slightly disappointing, not as grand as some of the falls I’m used to hiking, but that’s to be expected after a dry year. We still got to enjoy the falls and spend some time around the pool. I’m sure this is a great trail during the summer months, when water levels are higher, meaning the falls are more robust and swimming is encouraged.

Hermit Falls

This is where we decided to turn back, however you can continue to the upper falls or keep climbing up the mountain. There are a variety of trails, all different lengths and difficulty levels that use Chantry Flats as a starting point.

My recommendations for Hermit Falls:

  • Get there early!

This is a pretty popular hiking area and the parking lot can fill up fast. Carpool if you can but definitely get here early.

  • Bring a snack!

The base of the falls is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic. Just don’t forget to take your trash with you when you leave.

  • Wear comfortable clothes!

There were tons of people doing this hike in jeans and flip flops. You will have to hike up and down hills, and you will be crossing water. Dress accordingly.

  • Take breaks if you need to!

The last half mile of the trail is pretty steep, and it does get hot later in the day. Bring tons of water and take your time. Better to enjoy the scenery and take longer than rush and be miserable.

Hermit Falls

Have you ever hiked Hermit Falls or the surrounding trails? Have any other hiking recommendations in the Los Angeles area? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. January 15, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    OMG This is so gorgeous! I don’t often associate LA with hiking, so I appreciate the recommendation! We are heading out there again next month.

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