Happy Place: LA’s newest pop up experience

Happy Place: LA’s newest pop up experience

A happy place is somewhere you can relax, decompress, and let all the hardships of everyday life just wash away. La’s newest pop up Happy Place is trying to give that carefree experience to everyone! As soon as I heard it would be heading to LA, I just had to go. Happy Place is a wonderful instillation where playing with the art is encouraged, selfies are a must, and letting your inner child out is highly recommended.

The building is bright yellow, with tons of stuff to keep you entertained while waiting for your time slot. I took the opportunity for a mini photo shoot with the “living” wall.

Right when you walk in you have to watch a little video on house rules, but then its off to play. The first room is just like the outside of the building, sticky sweet and bright yellow. Grab some M&Ms and take a picture with the coolest shoes in town.

The next couple rooms are a lot like the first, basically just different themes with tons of selfie opportunities.



After this you head to the birthday room. Its all wrapped up, and you even get to eat cake while exploring.

Just be careful you don’t float away, Up style. 😉

We decided to skip the next two rooms, the first because the line was too long, and the second because it just didn’t interest us. I did manage to snap a couple of the rooms before moving on.

The next room was probably my favorite. There were four little cubicles with different things to see and pose in front of each with a different theme. I loved the light boxes, and Leanne loved the infinity mirrors. This is basically where you get to live out all your Instagram influencer dreams.

After this is the ball pit. Its a lot like the sprinkle pool at the Museum of Ice Cream, except here you’re jumping into a pot of gold, literally. Whats nice is that each group gets the chance to jump in on their own, but the down side is the wait. We were in line here for more than 5 minutes. We found out later that it was because a few groups wanted to do specialty poses that took a long time. By the time we got to the front the employees said no one else was allowed to do that pose, in an attempt to speed up the line. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun to jump in.

Whats extra cool is you get a GIF of your jump emailed to you afterwards.

After the ball pit is the the confetti room. I didn’t realize that there were actually two confetti ops, the confetti dome, and a confetti sand pit. Typically they have a GIF camera to capture all the confetti pit fun. Unfortunately it wasn’t working when we got there, so we had to be our own photographers.

The famous confetti dome was next, but here we ran into a similar problem to the ball pit. Lines. Each party gets 60 seconds in the dome so it really slows things down. By the time we got to the front they started letting multiple small parties in at the same time. This didn’t bug me much, except that the other people we went in with asked the employee to be their photographer before we got the chance too, which meant we didn’t get the chance.


Overall, this was a very fun experience and I would highly recommend going if you have the opportunity. Happy Place will be sticking around LA until January 7th, get your tickets here. Will you be visiting this Happy Place? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Tiffani
    December 12, 2017 / 7:23 pm

    Awesome!!! Love it 💚

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